Wool Biology

Caleb Groh has mastered the art of making something out of nothing. Well, more accurately, making something very intricate out of something very simple.

Caleb’s sculptures, known collectively as Artifact, are created out of loose, free form materials, namely polyester and wool fibers. These textiles are entwined with a series of needle tools to develop the shape and structure of each piece, a technique aptly referred to as ‘needle-felting.’

The process is so interesting to witness, as the wool is wonderfully transformed from limp and lifeless to dynamic and detailed. And that is what Artifact specializes in, breathing life into inanimate, organic materials.

Much thought and care is poured into each of these soft sculptures, all of which are entirely handmade. Caleb’s sincere intention is that these small replicas would honor the integrity of the larger animals they are modeled after -- and that their personalities would shine through for you to enjoy.